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Mew Mew Metamorph!

[Your Info]
Name: Ashley
Age: 18
Hobbies: shopping, having fun, haning out with friends, webdesigning, sewing, being outside
Pet Peeves: meanie heads, close-minded people, know-it-alls

Color: pink, baby blue, yellow
Animal: kitty cats
Food: sweet things, italian, sandwiches, sushi!
Quote: "life isnt measured by the breaths you take;
but by the moments that take your breath away
Season: spring and sometimes winter! if there is snow, hehe

[The Personality Section]
Describe yourself in one word: friendly
If you had your DNA merged with an endangered species, what would it be: uhhhh... a panda! lol... I really have no idea
Describe 3 qualities that you think others see in you: sweet, caring, fun
What do you like best about yourself: to be able to see the good in most people, forgiving

Add 1-2 pictures of yourself

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