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Mew, Mew Meta- >.>

[Your Info]
Name: Shiro
Age: 15
Hobbies: Writing, Reading, sports, cooking, baking, playing any kind of games (Ex. Cardboard games, Video Games, PC Games, etc), dancing and taking pictures of everything >.>.
Pet Peeves: I hate really clinging people who can't rely on their own strength and have to rely on others 24.7 and never make use of their own strengths.


Color: Yellow or Green
Animal: Fox
Food: Anything CHEESE related. xD Something chocolate or mocha related tastes great after eatting a very cheesy meal..
Quote: If I don't smile, who else will? If I don't cry, who would see how I really feel inside? If I don't go, who would stay? So...when I'm leaving and when I do, don't throw away my name in anything that deals with past tense. I am not the past, I am a part of  the present and future.
Season: Winter

[The Personality Section]
Describe yourself in one word: River
If you had your DNA merged with an endangered species, what would it be: A Fox
Describe 3 qualities that you think others see in you: Optimistic, Cunning, Easilly-Manipulated.
What do you like best about yourself: I don't lie to people, I lie to myself.


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