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Mew Mew Metamorph!

[My Info]
Name: Jane
Age: 17
Hobbies: watching cartoons and movies, reading, listening to music, surfing....the net, drawing and ranting/rambling on about pathetic little insignificant events that matter very little or none whatsoever he he ^_^
Pet Peeves: arrogant people, liars, bratty kids (well actually they scare me...guess there's a difference *ponders*) and....uh...junk mail :P

Color: blue though lately I've been buying alot of pink/orange stuff...go figure :P
Animal: horse
Food: mac and cheese
Quote: "Drink Coffee! Do stupid things faster and with more energy!"
Season: summer, because I love staring at the starry night sky mixed with hundreds of lightning bugs plus the sunsets are pretty cool too.....YAY PINK AND ORANGE!

[The Personality Section]
Describe yourself in one word: spastic
If you had your DNA merged with an endangered species, what would it be: Tiger...or panther...whatever animal that will always land on its feet =D
Describe 3 qualities that you think others see in you: well my friends say I'm pretty independent and the most creative person in our class.....and for some strange reason they think I'm funny...who knows
What do you like best about yourself: that I can look back on all the crappy situations in my life and can somehow laugh at them all

Add 1-2 pictures of yourself
pshah! as if! lol just kidding....sorry we're fresh out plus i dont even own a digital camera....or a regular one for that matter! *note to camera*.....*sigh* but I can draw a stick figure of myself if you want! lol :P
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