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Mew Mew Metamorph

Hello, nearly dead community ::pokes::
In case this community is still active, and if anyone is around who cares, here are my answers

Name: Ruby
Age: 22
Hobbies: Reading, archery, Latin, music, opera, playing the violin, movies
Pet Peeves: Ignorance and incompetence

Color: Grey, blue
Animal: Wolf
Food: Pizza, gnocchi
Quote: While the fates allow us, let us fill our eyes with love. -Propetius
Season: Winter

Describe yourself in one word: Procrastination
If you had your DNA merged with an endangered species, what would it be: A bird. I'd like to fly.
Describe 3 qualities that you think others see in you: Kind, smart, and lazy
What do you like best about yourself: I'm brave

Add 1-2 pictures of yourself
I currently lack the technology to do so, but if I ever get my hands on a scanner I'll post one.
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