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Mew Mew Metamorph!

[Your Info] (I know I'm very unlike any of the characters, but I'm curious to know which I am most like compared to the others.)
Name: Real name: Cheron Nickname: Tatl
Age: 16
Hobbies: Lazing around, sleeping, eating, livejournaling, reading manga & watching anime. (Basically one of those nerdy, lazy otakus you hear about.) XD;...Ahem.
Pet Peeves: Crowds, obnoxious people, ignorance, racial and sexual orientation intolerance, animal cruelty, bright light, bullies, rowdy spring break people, social gatherings, people in general, cold weather, school.

Color: Black and red.
Animal: Jellyfish, octopus, squid, nautillus, cuttlefish. (Most anything with tentacles, I guess.)
Food: Sweets, particularly asian drinks such as boba tea, Yakult & thai iced tea. Other favorites include green tea ice-cream, flan, tropical fruits & vegetarian-oriental cuisine. *Is a proud glutton*
Quote: There any many good ones, but none that comes to mind at the moment. *poor memory*
Season: I'd say summer if it weren't for the bright sun. But...fall, I guess. Not bitterly cold yet, but not as sunny as summer.

[The Personality Section]
Describe yourself in one word: Reclusive.
If you had your DNA merged with an endangered species, what would it be: Hmm...maybe a falcon, or eagle or something.
Describe 3 qualities that you think others see in you: I'm not sure that they consider them "qualities", but other than the negative things people say I am like "bitchy" and "cold", the people I get to know personally tell me I'm "insane" (maybe they were humoring me? Insane whenever I happen to become talkative.), unique and quiet.
What do you like best about yourself: Nothing really, but I'm glad that I'm not like them, or fret over fitting the standards of others.

Add 1-2 pictures of yourself
Here's two pictures:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thank you in advance to all who took the time to vote.
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